Details: expelled diplomat, wife fought over side dish

Dickson Ogwang

Ugandan Minister Counselor to Washington DC, Dickson Ogwang, beat his wife for questioning him about another woman he was sleeping with, according to a diplomatic source.

At the close of 2017, Ogwang held a thanksgiving at his residence in DC. After the event, his wife [still unnamed] accused him of having a long-distance affair with some woman in Uganda.

The said lady [side dish] had reportedly attended the event. Ogwang’s wife confronted him for the truth. Ogwang’s first reaction was to use his belt to beat her black and blue.

She run outside (at around 2am) wailing and a neighbour came rushing to her rescue. She was all covered in bruises all over her body.

The neighbour called the police before taking her to hospital.

In the hospitals, the doctors are under obligation to report suspected domestic violence. They interviewed her and relayed the details to the police.

When police interviewed Ogwang’s wife, she confirmed the story. Police then went to his house.

One of the kids opened the door and the cops asked if there had been a problem which the kid confirmed.

Ogwang came out and immediately declared his diplomatic status and so he couldn’t be arrested.

The police reported to the US State Department which contacted the Ambassador with the request to either lift immunity for prosecution or withdraw Ogwang.

“Standard practice is to withdraw the diplomat. So he was sent instructions to return immediately,” the source added. He is expected back home this weekend.

Masquerading as Ugandan ambassador

The first impression Ogwang gives to people he meets is the fact that he is “the real” Ugandan Ambassador to Washington DC.

But the ambassador who replaced Amb Oliver Wonekha is called Mull S. Katende who previously served as Uganda’s permanent representative to the African Union in Addis Ababa.

Dickson Ogwang is a Minister Counsellor (Foreign Service Officer Grade II). He has been in Washington for several years serving as a Foreign Service officer.

He was a political appointee at the rank of Minister Counsellor but when he got to Washington, Ogwang realised he wasn’t the Ambassador, the source said.

“He was so upset. He went and printed business cards with the rank Minister Counsellor/Ambassador.”

I’m the boss!

According to the source, Ogwang continued masquerading as the ambassador no matter how many times he was reprimanded.

The source said when career officers make the slightest infraction, it is the foreign ministry that is dealt with severely.

“But these fellows come from nowhere, disregard whatever training we give them, arrive in a station, disrupt everyone, embarrass the country and they are totally ignored.”

Ogwang didn’t have friends in that Mission. When he was Charge D’Affaires after Wonekha left, he fired almost all the local and support staff including the clerks who handle visa processing etc.

The Mission was practically paralysed. It took a strong reprimand from the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Amb. Patrick Mugoya to bring Ogwang back to his senses.

He was forced to reinstate the sacked staff saving the mission lawsuits they would now be battling for wrongful dismissal.

“Whenever he would come to Uganda, Ogwang would hire someone to carry his briefcase.”

Pesters Museveni

He reportedly pestered President Museveni to give him another appointment letter this time as Ambassador. He didn’t like the other title.

Apparently, Museveni agreed but there was never any instrument or at least it hadn’t been received by the time his disgraceful incident happened.

Ogwang would also go around Washington badmouthing his own Head of Mission Wonekha and undermining her to push his agenda.

“He would give his business card out and tell people and lobbyists that he has the real power at the Embassy. Real name-dropper. He would assure people that he could get them appointments to see Museveni,” the source told us.

Mr. Ogwang has over 18 years of experience working with development organizations both at national and international level.

He now focuses on LRA and Northern Uganda’s post-conflict reconstruction issues.

He has a law degree from Makerere University, Kampala, and an MA in Administrative Science with concentration on diplomacy and international relations from Farleigh Dickinson University, NJ.