We’ll hold our own elections, Amuriat says Museveni sinking slowly

Patrick Amuriat, FDC president

Forum for Democratic Change [FDC] party president, Patrick Amuriat Oboi, has said President Museveni’s regime is slowly sinking into oblivion.

Speaking at the launch of “Tubalemese Campaign”, Amuriat said anybody who has been following the mannerism of Ugandan population in the last ten years, they will agree that there is a noticeable change.

“Tubalemese Campaign” will see Ugandans boycotting companies owned by members of the ruling party in a move to isolate them for voting in favour of the age limit bill.

Amuriat says people are arising up against the issues that affect them and now know that getting what they want is their right.

He said people in regime have changed tactics and they no longer consult people over important issues.

“The NRM regime today stands on quicksand and they are sinking slowly,” he noted, adding, “NRM shouldn’t believe that the issue of amending the constitution is settled.”

He accused the president of avoiding Local Council elections which were pushed to 2023.

“We are saying it’s time out for Museveni and his dreamers who think they can just change the constitution.”

He added: “Museveni has avoided the election of LCs. There is a case in court but this is a manifestation of Museveni’s work to avoid this election.”

In a few months, if this is not resolved, opposition shall carry out its own elections, Amuriat promised.