US kicks out Ugandan diplomat for beating wife

Ambassador Dickson Ogwang

The ministry of Foreign Affairs says it is true that the United States of America kicked out Ugandan diplomat to Washington DC, Dickson Ogwang.

Ogwang is remembered for speaking out on the US deployment of troops to Uganda during the 2012 hunt for Lord’s Resistance Army [LRA] warlord, Joseph Kony.

Ogwang is a foreign service officer at the rank of minister-counselor.

The spokesperson of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Margaret Kafeero, who is on leave could not divulge details of the diplomatic incident.

However, it is reported that US police got an emergency call from Ogwang’s residence last month.

The police found Ogwang’s wife covered in bruises after being battered. Police took the battered woman to hospital.

As a penalty, the State Department asked the Foreign Affairs Ministry to recall Amb Ogwang to Kampala since he could not be arrested or prosecuted in the US.