NRM’s Kahima wins Ruhaama MP seat

Museveni campaigning for Kahima

The ruling National Resistance Movement [NRM] is the winner of Ruhaama county by-election, according to the provisional results.

By 09:00pm, NRM candidate Moses Kahima was in a comfortable lead as per the provisional results from the party tally centre in Ntungamo district.

The available results from 10 out of the 11 sub counties (with only Ruhaama missing) put Kahima at 30, 824 votes with Jackson Mubangizi Kabikire polling 14,581 votes.

Kahima was leading with a difference of 16,243 votes.

Peninah Beinomugisha got a total of 2,103 votes and Vastine Orishaba garnered only 523 votes.

Provisional results per Sub County:

NRM gathered 3,914 against Eng Mubangizi’s 1,954 votes in Rwikiniro.

In Kitwe trading centre, NRM gathered 1,240 votes against Eng Mubangizi’s 1,728 votes.

Kahima further picked 4,569 votes in Ruoho trading centre against Eng Mubangizi’s 181 votes.

In Ruhaama East, NRM polled 953 votes while Mubangizi managed 721 votes.

In Ntungamo, NRM picked 2,321 votes against Mubangizi’s 2,153 votes.

In Kafunzo, NRM got 2,199 votes against Engineer’s 1,157 votes.

In Itoojo, NRM garnered 3,197 votes versus 1,010 votes for Mubangizi.

In Rukoni West, NRM got 2,347 votes versus 1,436 votes for Mubangizi.

In Rukoni East, NRM picked 5,119 votes while the engineer managed only 336 votes.

In Nyakyera, NRM gathered 4,965 votes against 3,905 votes for Mubangizi.

The NRM candidate lost in only one sub county (Kitwe), according to Rogers Mulindwa, the NRM Communications Officer.