NRM calls for peace as Ruhaama votes new MP

NRM team on the ground talking to residents

In her message to the people of RUHAAMA Constituency a head of their elections today, the NRM Secretary General Rt. Hon. Justine Kasule Lumumba has called for peace during and after elections.

Lumumba says, elections are only meant to decide leaders and not divide electorates. “It’s my humble prayer to you the people of Ruhaama to remain united during and after elections,” Lumumba said.

She added, “I urge you to go and vote early enough and observe peace throughout the electoral process”.

The Secretary General has since the commencement of the campaigns deployed her team on the ground to oversee the exercise.

The team left behind is now headed by the Director of Finance and Administration Dr. Hassan Wasswa Galiwango and will remain camped here until Friday.

Meanwhile, the National Electoral Commission had the necessary materials ready in all polling stations by 9:00am.

Voting started on time.

Ruhaama with 8 Sub Counties and 3 Town Councils has 199 polling stations with 166,883 registered voters.