Boycott NRM companies, Besigye unveils Tubalemese campaign

Besigye addressing press [NTV photo]

Former presidential candidate, Kizza Besigye, has Thursday launched a new campaign that will involve boycotting companies run and owned by the ruling party members.

“We shall bring down this junta without throwing a stone,” Besigye told press while unveiling a campaign dubbed “Tubalemese Campaign” [let’s fail/sabotage them].

Besigye said this campaign, the “Tubalemese Campaign”, can be concluded fairly quickly if everybody acts.

Whether these people increase their years, they should first finish this one before thinking of the years they gave themselves, he said referring to the seven years NRM MPs gave themselves without the consent of the population.

“Awakening and empowerment of our citizens is going to be high on our agenda. The regime has employed many people to mislead our people,” he noted.

He said opposition shall be launching a national assembly for the country.

The assembly will include people’s representatives from the 317 constituencies that were betrayed by their supposed representatives.

Otherwise the 317 MPs will be trashed, he noted, adding that these representatives that betrayed people are going to be subjects to total isolation and rejection.

“We are going to isolate them socially, politically and economically. Let us boycott their shops and schools.”

He added: “If you are supporting the military junta in any way, you will be risking the wrath of the people of Uganda. If we identify you, we shall add you to the list of those that will be similarly treated like the 317 MPs.”

Besigye asked all Ugandans to be part of the campaign to fail the regime that is holding the country hostage.

“Our option of nonviolence is deliberate. We can bring down the regime without throwing a stone. We will keep them in an arena of not knowing how to deal with us.”

He added: “Every Ugandan has to do something every day to fail the regime. This campaign is not limited to those outside the regime.”