Besigye telling regurgitated lies, say UPDF, Don Wanyama

Brig Richard Karemire

UPDF spokesperson, Brig Richard Karemire, and Senior Presidential Press Secretary, Don Wanyama, have ganged up against opposition figure Kizza Besigye for allegedly telling “regurgitated lies”.

Army mouthpiece Karemire accused Besigye of spreading falsehoods on Thursday regarding Wazalendo sacco while asking soldiers to disable President Museveni’s regime.

Wazalendo Savings and Credit Cooperative Society (WSACCO), also referred to as Wazalendo Sacco, is a savings and credit co-operative society in Uganda.

It is an institutional Sacco composed of Uganda People’s Defence Force (UPDF) personnel and their families, UPDF Reserve Forces, and defence ministry staff.

Total assets‎ are valued at ‎$45.5m (Shs131.1bn). Founded in 2005, the sacco deals with soldiers’ ‎loans‎, savings and investments.

“Dr Besigye should stop telling lies. Wazalendo is a very successful voluntary saving scheme,” Karemire sought to clarify on Thursday.

He said it is not compulsory and has served many soldiers to improve on their welfare.

Don angered 

Equally angered was Don Wanyama who attacked Besigye for daring criticise the economy which he said had already collapsed.

“Listening to Besigye and his regurgitated falsehoods, he sounds like a broken guitar,” Don lashed out on twitter.

He said Uganda’s economic growth and future projections is far ahead of the Sub-Saharan averages.

“And seeing what government is doing to solidify the base (energy, oil, roads, etc) it will only get better,” Don explained.

According to Besigye, anybody who doesn’t see that the economy has collapsed is in deep slumber.

“The country can’t meet its needs now. The budget of this year is one that doesn’t function,” Besigye told press.

But Don quoted a Harvard University Centre for International Development [CID] report that said Uganda will top the list of the fastest growing economies in the world by 2025.

“Besigye can create as many lies as he wishes, but even the “reluctant” West can’t help it,” Don noted.

He added: “By 2025, Uganda’s economy will be fastest growing in the world. Of course we must not allow Besigye to sabotage this with his anarchic plans.”

“Besigye is a liar. He wants us to believe his unresearched, biased, subjective view of the economy,” Don went on.

Just yesterday, he pointed out, the World Bank released this report on global economic prospects. “Uganda’s outlook is very positive. Of course he won’t mention this.”