Besigye asks army to disable Museveni’s regime


Opposition strongman Kizza Besigye has called upon security forces to do their part in what he called “disabling” President Museveni’s regime.

Besigye told press on Thursday that security operatives suffer the most in the country because they work 24/7 and earn less.

“These soldiers should do what they can to disable what is happening. It’s legitimate to disable the regime we have in Uganda,” he stated.

He called it a scientific process claiming that the regime today is at its lowest point.

According to Besigye, Museveni’s regime has never happened and nobody has questioned themselves how it happened because it has been happening very slowly.

“Any junta relies on security. The security is dysfunctional today and that is why you have all these killings and nobody can respond to them. Museveni is now a visitor to victims.”

The former presidential candidate said the economy has collapsed formally and that anybody who doesn’t see that is in deep slumber.

The country can’t meet its needs now. The budget of this year is one that doesn’t function, he told journalists.

“The economy is in deep struggle. We project inflation to go high this year. They have started printing more money. They have no money. They have been promising doctors salary increment but they have failed.”

He says NRM government has been producing for the regime and not the country.