Divided FDC asks Ugandans to isolate age limit MPs

Patrick Amuriat Oboi, FDC president

Opposition Forum for Democratic Change [FDC] Party has asked Ugandans to isolate all Members of Parliament who voted in favour of the lifting of the presidential age limits.

FDC President, Patrick Amuriat Oboi, announced the “isolation campaign” against the 317 MPs while addressing press at the party headquarters in Najjanakumbi.

FDC will dispatch party officials to mobilise members of the public to isolate all the 317 MPs who voted in favour of the age limit removal that made Museveni a life president and gave MPs more two years in office.

Amuriat asked Ugandans not to allow such MPs speak in public events like funerals, parties or churches.

The electorate was already beating up legislators and barring others from speaking at events, accusing them of supporting the bill that has divided the country.

Divided party

Makerere Woman Councillor, Nyanjura Doreen, confesses President Museveni is destroying opposition like he promised some years ago.

“…And those days my hair had to be blue, whenever given an opportunity to speak, I would assure everyone how my blood was blue,” Nyanjura said.

According to her, FDC was a united force then; now, “when you say you are FDC, one asks which FDC?”

“This question is not only limited to FDC, it goes to other opposition Political parties, The good and bad DP, the UPC of Akena and that of Otunnu!”

She went on: “If we don’t unite, we are bound to perish! Museveni’s divide and rule strategy is slowly finishing us off.”

The divisions largely resulted from the fall of Mugisha Muntu, the former FDC party president who was trounced by Amuriat in last year’s elections.