Chemicals butchers put in meat can kill people, says KCCA

KCCA officials arrest butchers

Dr. Daniel Okello, the Director of Health at Kampala Capital City Authority [KCCA] says they have done investigations and found out that beef products were being contaminated with chemicals.

“What we are doing now is enforcement to ensure standards are met and we are sensitizing the public,” Dr Okello said on Wednesday.

According to Dr Okello, these chemicals are broader group including pesticides, vermicides and insecticide.

He said those chemicals are dangerous because they are used to kill pests and vermin.

“When you ingest them as human beings, they have all sorts of effects. When you consume them in large quantities, you can die,” the Doctor explained.

On Tuesday, KCCA Public Health teams conducted operations in Kansanga, Bunga and Ggaba Markets where they closed off 15 butcheries over poor sanitation and selling stale meat which is unfit for public consumption.

In addition, two butchers were arrested for operating insanitary butcheries and using chemicals over the meat.

The impounded stale meat was destroyed by incineration on directive by the Magistrate.

“We continue with efforts to ensure suppliers comply with the stipulated food safety standards in the City,” the authority said in a statement.

Earlier, KCCA arrested several butchers across the city.

After pleading guilty to using chemicals to preserve meat at their butcheries, the butchers were remanded to Luzira Prison by Magistrate Beatrice Kayinza until 10th January 2018 when they come back to court for their sentence.