Latigo: Museveni not a messiah, falling Amin style

Prof Ogenga Latigo, Agago North MP

Agago North MP Prof Ogenga Latigo says Uganda’s parliament is now  divided following a decision by the ruling party NRM MPs to lift the presidential age limit and make President Museveni a president for life.

“I’m not aware of the 317 MPs being chased from their constituencies. That one is not true,” Latigo said on Monday morning referring to MPs who have either been “banished” by their electorate, blocked from public events or physically attacked.

“This has been happening to individuals. An MP in Busoga region was barred from burying,” Latigo recalled.

He said death is respected in Africa but when people start reacting bitterly even during death, then the situation is dire.

He described what happened in Parliament as “a major earthquake of like 8 point something magnitude”, saying it isn’t possible to prepare a garden (Parliament) after such magnitude.

“We will see mood of Parliament tomorrow. I’m very keen on who will speak, stand up and look me in the eyes… then you will come and ask me about the mood in Parliament.”

Parliament resumes Tuesday after recess to celebrate Christmas and New Year festivities.

“If they [NRM MPs] look into my eyes without blinking, I will know that this country is dead,” Latigo said.

According to Latigo, parliament now is very divided and wonders whether they have moral ground to be MPs.

“There will come a tipping point when people will say enough is enough. It was the same even with Idi Amin.”

To him, what happened removed the veil of a democratic messiah Museveni had. “He is now an ordinary person seeking power. The myth that President Museveni is a saviour ended.”

According to Latigo, the MPs giving themselves a seven year term running up to 2023 is an illusion.

“It will not happen. Someone has performed for 30 years and he still wants 10 more years.”

Latigo says he doesn’t need to resign in 2021 because the sever year term won’t pass since a private member can’t bring a constitutional amendment.

“The ping pong about age limit is not about age limit, it’s about if we are prepared to protect, uphold and preserve the Constitution. I feel hurt that the Parliament I’m part of could do this to the country.”