Grow up, stop prophesying doom-Silwany tells opposition

Solomon Silwany

Government deputy chief whip Solomon Silwany says the country is calm and people have gone back to do their work following the chaotic scenes caused by the passing of the age limit bill.

He says NRM MPs who voted yes on age limit bill did something noble for the country.

“I think Parliament is now calm and people are focusing on the budget of 2018/19. What we did in Parliament was a normal duty of MPs. What we did was within the mandate of MPs,” said Silwany while appearing on NBS “Morning Breeze” programme.

Silwany acknowledged the fact that the public is divided into three; there are those people who are interested in politics, there are people who support NRM and those who don’t mind.

He said people who support NRM are very grateful and “I’m happy that President Museveni assented to the bill very quickly”.

He went on: “I think extending tenure gives the government time to perform. Seven years is enough time and if you don’t perform, you shouldn’t go back and contest again.”

According to Silwany, five years tenure is not enough but seven years is modest and is meant to make government settle down.

“I am very proud of the parliament and thank the people of Bukooli for electing me in a timely manner.”

Host: What did you take as your oath?

Silwny: To defend, preserve n uphold the constitution and I have done all this.

According to Silwany, the opposition needs to mature. “You can’t keep prophesying doom – that is very unpopular.”