No more bail for killers, Museveni wants CCTV cameras

Museveni visiting bereaved families

President Yoweri Museveni on Wednesday visited the five families that were attacked on the night of 31st December in Bukomansimbi District by unknown criminals, leaving four people dead.

“We are going to work with the public to fight crime. We fought other tougher wars like disarming the Karimojong who had 40,000 guns and we won,” Museveni told the grieving families.

He said a bush war is different because on can follow the enemy’s footprints.

In town, there are no footprints to look at and follow the criminals. “But we have other ways of catching them.”

In one of the homes that was attacked, they had cameras and saw the criminals.

Victoria University

“Therefore we shall install cameras in towns and on major roads. This will hasten the process of investigations.”

Attackers think that they will kill people but they will not be killed. It is a false belief. At a home near St. Francis School, there was a disco in the neighbourhood, Museveni explained.

He said the killers thought that even if the victims made an alarm, no one would hear them. But the victims made the alarm and also called a neighbour on the phone who came and fought the attackers.

“Advise your children to stay away from crime because it will cause them harm. We shall catch these ones. I will talk to the Chief Justice not to give bail to such suspects.”

He added: “I am saddened by these deaths but we have got clues and we shall catch the attackers.”

Museveni said there is a gap in security of incomplete investigations but they are working on that. “The police will give the public numbers to call in case of attacks and they will respond.”