Jubilee warns as Raila finalises swearing-in plan

Raila and his Nasa alliance are ready to swear in

The controversial opposition leader says he will force Kenyatta into talks on ‘electoral injustices’.

More unrest appears on Kenya’s political horizon following confirmation that plans for the counter swearing-in of Kenyan opposition leader Raila Odinga, who heads the National Super Alliance (NASA), are complete.

Senator Siaya Senator James Orengo has confirmed the swearing-in will go ahead, adding that the opposition is determined to see Odinga take the country’s top leadership as he urged opposition supporters not to despair over delays in swearing in Odinga, Kenya’s Standard newspaper reports.

“Raila will be sworn in and those who think he will not are dreaming. This is the year of change in Kenya and that change will be realised when Raila takes oath of office as the President of Kenya,” said Orengo.

The controversial opposition leader has also told his supporters that he will release a timetable for the resumption of mass action and civil disobedience against Nairobi’s Jubilee government.

Odinga has also said he will list more products to be boycotted to make the country ungovernable and force President Uhuru Kenyatta into talks on “electoral injustices”.

Last August’s presidential elections were annulled by Kenya’s Supreme Court on the grounds of electoral irregularities and a rerun was ordered.

Kenyatta swept the rerun election on October 26 as the polls were largely boycotted by the opposition.

As Kenyatta was sworn-in for his second term on November 28, Odinga vowed a counter-swearing in.

The months of political unrest in the East African country were accompanied by bloody clashes between protesters and security forces which left over a hundred dead and many more wounded.

Jubilee warns

Leaders from the Mount Kenya region are daring Opposition leader Raila Odinga to go ahead with his swearing in plans but be ready to face the consequences.

They also warned Speakers and Members of the County Assembly in the region not allow the motion on the People’s Assembly to sail through.

They were speaking during the burial of Peter Weru an MCA who collapsed and died while delivering a speech during Jamhuri celebrations at Nduduini Primary School in Mathira constituency.

Source: Daily Nation/African News Agency (ANA)