Heal your wounds & move on, Magyezi tells Ugandans

Magyezi speaking to Flavia

The mover of the Constitutional Amendment Bill 2017 Hon. Raphael Magyezi has defended his bill days after President Museveni signed it into law.

President Yoweri Museveni assented to Constitution Amendment Bill which sought to amend Article 102(b) of the constitution to remove the 75 year upper age limit and 35 year lower age limit for one to seek election as president.

Magyezi who was speaking to Tumusiime Flavia on NTV “News Night” said he is proud of the work he has done for Ugandans.

Flavia asked Magyezi to give reasons for fronting the bill that has divided the country pitting MPs against their constituents.

“This as a bill about Uganda not Museveni as an individual,” started out in his defence.

“I came up with this bill which is now law because it was already in the public…there was a debate on the same,” he said.

Magyezi recalled holding a consultative meeting in Igara West in August 2017 where constituents allegedly pushed him to allow them debate age limit.

“It came up from the public, my constituents demanded it although I didn’t have it on my agenda. It was a coincidence that it came at a time looking for elections.”

He said there are people below 35 years, which is the biggest population, and people beyond 75 who could stand for president but were being blocked by the law.

“I know there are people who were against it even in parliament. At the end of the day, we put it at the weighing scale. The decision was 317 for the bill,” he recalled.

He added: “We now have the time to heal our wounds. You may not have agreed with me or liked this, the decision is taken and Uganda is here to stay. This is the law, go ahead and implement it.”