Dr Obuku: I lost Shs15m in attack but police wants more

Ekwaro A Obuku

The President of Uganda Medical Association [UMA], Dr. Ekwaro Obuku, has finally spoken out on the thugs that beat him to a coma and stole his property worth Shs15m.

“I was coming from work that day. I did something that is not advisable — I parked in front of the gate as I waited for someone to open. While I waited, I saw someone holding a stone. I realised they were many when I got out of the car to run,” he narrated on NBS television Thursday.

Obuku sustained a fracture and a broken nose. He got a surgery to realign the nose.

“I was out of danger when I got to the hospital because I was attended to by one of the best doctors.”

Obuku says he has no misgivings with the police. “I was just explaining myself. During the attack, I lost property worth UGX15 million and realised I had to even spend more on investigations.”

Obuku believes the attack was a mere random robbery. He doesn’t believe it was related to the doctors’ industrial strike.

He said such robberies are happening every day because police lack the capacity and focus in terms of priority.

“They [police] shouldn’t only focus on political events.”

On the possibility of doctors’ strike, Obuku thinks that is a matter that depends on the government’s assessment.

“They were committed. In terms of industrial strikes, doctors are more than ready to go back.”