TVO accuses MP Nabilah of staging poisoning stunt

Nabilah being examined

Social media critic Tom Voltaire Okwalinga aka TVO claims Kampala Woman MP Hon. Nabilah Sempala Nagayi faked her own poisoning to escape criticism for missing the age limit bill debate and voting.

Apparently, Nabilah sneaked out of the country at the in December last year just when parliament was imbrued in fights that led to the passing of the age limit bill that made President Museveni a life president.

During the Christmas period, it was reported that Nabila had been poisoned and was hospitalised in Canada.

“My Prayer goes out to Hon. Nabilah Sempala Nagayi who’s battling suspected Poisoning in Canada after she was flown from Aga Khan in critical condition Get better soon,” a one Peter Kyakwise‏ sympathised on twitter.

“If its true Nabila Nagayi was poisoned, then she is paying for not acting like Anywa. I think these two were all offered something by Museveni and Nabila the other way. Recover in Piece Nabila,” added Faluku Nakulopa.

TVO claims Nabila’s sickness is a hoax

The elusive critic who continues to give Museveni’s government endless headaches, said on social media that Nabilah developed cold feet and could not afford to utter a NO to life presidency.

“She never wanted to do which would have disheartened her financier, Yoweri Museveni. So in the days towards the vote, she decided to sneak out of the country, disconnected herself from all her social media forums,” TVO said.

He further noted that Nabilah went to a foreign hospital with her mate where they “arranged to fool Ugandans by checking themselves in the emergency section of this hospital”.

According to TVO, any visitor to this country has a right to contact this emergency ward) and Nabilah utilised that opportunity claiming she was having stomach pains.

“As she was laying on the examination bed, the hubby took a number of pictures and then used their contacts to spread a story that she was critically ill,” TVO explained.

He said two days ago, Nabilah was seen swimming in a hotel in Alberta Canada. “Shame on you Nabilah Nagayi.”