Lawyers to challenge Museveni life presidency in court

Lawyer Nicholas Opiyo

Lawyers have promised to drag the head of state to courts of law challenging the age limit bill that President Museveni just signed into law.

President Museveni signed into law the controversial age limit bill into law two days after Christmas and seven days after Parliament passed it.

By signing the age limit Bill into law, it means anyone above the age of 75 is now eligible to stand for president.

The law extends term of Parliament to 7 years making President Museveni an eligible presidential candidate in 2023 elections which are being moved from 2021.

Manjiya MP John Baptist Nambeshe says legislators are going to engage all strata of society in that matter.

Victoria University

“We shall consult with you to guide the president not to include his name on the ballot paper come 2021,” he said.

Senior lawyer Ladislaus Lwakafuzi says now that it [age limit bill] has been signed into law, they can challenge it as a law.

“Previously, we were just challenging the processes. We are not going to give up,” he explained.

According to human rights lawyer, Nicholas Opiyo, battle lines have been drawn.

“It is now going to move away from Parliament to courts of law. Several provisions of that law are unlawful. They can’t legislate themselves into office,” he argued.