Woman straps illicit drugs around baby, arrested

Black woman carrying baby on her shoulder

Passengers were last Friday left dazed after a driver of the vehicle they were traveling in, caught a woman trafficking contrabands strapped at her back and covered with her six months’ baby, whom she also carried at the back.

The incident happened in Gatsibo District where a woman identified as Aline Uwimbabazi used her baby as a cover to beat security and traffic 120 sachets of Zebra Waragi, a gin parked in plastic bags and banned in Rwanda.

Uwimbabazi was identified by the driver of the travel agency, who notified the police. The vehicle was en route to Kigali from Nyagatare.

Police spokesperson for the Eastern Province, Chief Inspector of Police (CIP) Theobald Kanamugire, who commended the vigilance of the driver, said that the latter called the Police in Gatsibo after he got suspicious.

“He saw how the woman strapped the baby on her back, and got suspicious, especially that today women drug traffickers guise as mothers carrying a baby when actually they strap drugs at the back to make it look like a baby,” CIP Kanamugire said.

Victoria University

“The driver was midway between Nyagatare and Gatsibo, so he called Police in Gatsibo. He was told to stop in Kabarore, where officers searched Uwimbabazi and found the 120 sachets of Zebra waragi strapped at her back together with her baby, and she was immediately arrested,” he added.

He thanked the role that drivers continues to play to identify and report drug traffickers.

Police has over time unearthed various tricks used by drug traffickers.

These include wrapping drugs around their bodies, stashing them in luggage, pumpkins and bicycle tyres; women strapping them on the back like babies; others put them in their veils; others hire vehicles and motorcycles especially at night.