Museveni: I like Trump, I want to make Africa great

Museveni displays copy of the Uganda Argus

President Museveni has lashed out at Africans who are not bothered about making the continent great.

“It is interesting that while President Trump, whom I like so much because he says things “like they are” as the Black People in the USA used to say, is talking of making America great again, as if it is not great already,” he said in his New Year’s message.

According to him, many elements in Africa are either not bothered about making the continent great or are actually agitating for further weakening it through sectarianism and other phoney schemes of pseudo-democracy and modernisation.

“We resisted other forms of disorientation and this one must also be resisted,” the president pointed out, advising Ugandans to look at the strategic goals of Africa which has been tormented for so long because of internal weaknesses exploited by rapacious foreigners.

“As I pointed out in my Mzee Mandela speech on the 31st of August, 2017 at Makerere University, by 1900, the  whole of Africa had been colonised except for Ethiopia, the only African country to defeat the invaders completely, at least for some time.”

He said this was a vote of no confidence in the traditional leadership of Africa – kings, chiefs, clan leaders, magicians etc.

Other Peoples that were colonized never survived colonialism. They were exterminated – the Red Indians, the Aztecs, the Incas, the Caribes, the Aborigines of Australia etc, Museveni narrated.

“The Africans, since they do not easily die, survived the horrors of colonialism.  By that time our elders, led by the ANC that was founded in 1912 in South Africa, had five strategic goals: to regain independence; to attain democracy for the first time since there was no democracy under the chiefs or under colonialism; to work for the  prosperity of our people for the first time since we had missed out on the industrial revolution in Europe through the economic integration of Africa so as to unite our fragmented markets and be able to stimulate the growth and the attraction of industries; to guarantee our strategic security through the political integration of as much of Africa as possible in the form of political federations like the East African Federation; and to guarantee the survival of our identity as Black People without losing our languages, culture, customs, foods etc., to avoid becoming Black Europeans.”

He said the quotation applies to some portion of the political class, the Clergy, Academia and the media. To some of those elements, the five strategic goals do not exist, he noted.

“What, apparently, matters to them is political power for the political groups they fancy.”

The president said instead of working for the independence of Africa, they are always in cahoots with foreigners – encouraging the latter to meddle in domestic affairs.

He said the real democracy NRM fought for provides that: “all power belongs to the People”, they are the ones to decide their destiny through universal suffrage at regular intervals or through their elected representatives.

Some of the elements, however, mainly working with foreigners, try to impose pseudo-democracy where the power of the people is constrained by term limits, age-limits, even educational qualifications, he sounded disappointed.

A United Africa

“On economic integration of Africa to guarantee our prosperity, you will never hear of a word from these false prophets.  No radio talk-show, no lecture in a lecture theatre, no sermon in a church supporting what is crucial for our survival as Africans.”

On the issue of political integration in Africa for survival as a free People, not even a whisper has been heard because some elements are totally absent in this area, Museveni explained.

“On the issue of our identity, I do not even know the stand of these elements.  Especially those who say they are religious.”

He accused religious people of being full of arrogance and talking authoritatively on all and everything even when they have not bothered to find out the truth.

“This is assuming they do not have evil intentions which would be worse.  That would make them into the Kayaffas, the Chief Priest, that betrayed Jesus.”

He said the Pan-Africanists will never give up on that effort [political intergration]; to do so is for Africa to commit suicide.

“The present small states, former colonies, will never guarantee our future even when they are developed countries.  We have written endlessly on this but those “who do what they ought not to do” have no time to waste with such ideas.  99% of their time is on pseudo-democracy and malignments of patriots.”

Well, 99% of pan-Africanists’ time for the last 52 years is on real democracy, patriotism, Pan-Africanist and Social-economic transformation.

“This is what we tell all and sundry politely.  Let us all discuss these issues because they are vital for our survival.”

East African federation

Museveni quoted the Uganda Argus of the 6th of June, 1963 saying he would never forget that issue of the 6th of June, 1963.

“I was in S3 at Ntare but already very much involved in politics. I had never been so happy nor have I been so happy since as I was happy on that day and for some months afterwards.”

The headlines on the front page of the paper, with the pictures of Mzee Kenyatta, Mwalimu Nyerere and Mzee Obote, shouted: “Federation This Year”, “Top-level talks end in Nairobi”.

“Has any of our media houses that are supposed to “inform”, “educate”, “entertain”, ever mentioned this to you?  After a few months the devil that is always the enemy of Africa had killed this effort.”

Had this effort succeeded, Museveni observed, East Africa would possibly today be where India is.

Certainly, he said, there would have been no Idi Amin, the genocide in Rwanda would never have been allowed to take place, the endemic problems of Burundi would have been contained, the problem of South Sudan would have been easier to solve and even the problem of Somalia would have been solved.

“Can you believe that the Foreign Minister of Somalia attended this Nairobi meeting as an observer, waiting for the Federation to take off so that Somalia joins? Can you believe that, according to Mr. Rwamgoolam, the leader of Mauritius, who was also in Nairobi at that time, said that Mauritius could have joined that Federation from after its independence?  What a missed opportunity!!”

Museveni proposed five strategic goals of Africa: independence, real democracy not just the peripheral forms of it, economic integration of Africa for our prosperity, political integration of Africa for our strategic security and safeguarding our heritage and identity, along, of course, with other topics like the football clubs of Europe, European singers etc.