I’ve worked 52 years for no pay, Museveni lauds NRM MPs

Museveni delivering his New Year message

President Yoweri Museveni came to the defence of his Members of Parliament who were labelled greedy for passing the age limit bill that made him a life president.

“I had some people talking of greedy politicians,” he said while delivering his New Year’s message in Rwakitura.

“I want to salute the 317 MPs who defied intimidation, malignment and blackmail and opted for a flexible Constitution to deal with the destiny issues of Africa instead of maintaining Uganda on the path of unimaginative, non-ideological, neo-colonial status quo,” he added.

According to him, by so doing, they [MPs] enabled government to avoid the more complicated paths that would have been required.

“We cannot kukonesa (under-cook or badly cook) the destiny of Africa,” he noted, explaining that the 317 MPs have played a crucial role at this historical junction (masanganzira) just like the 28 cadres of Montepuez, Mozambique played in the formation of the Fronasa Army.

He said the 43 fighters with 27 rifles played when they attacked Kabamba and the 232 MPs of the 7th Parliament played in opening up the term limits that have enabled Uganda to cover more ground.

“Those liars who talk about “life-Presidency” of Museveni should be exposed for what they say.”

He described them as either un-informed individuals talking about things they do not know or evil schemers who do not want Uganda and Africa to succeed.

He said when Mwalimu Julius Nyerere was advocating for the East African Federation, some would malign him saying that he was ambitious and he wanted to dominate East Africa.

“Mwalimu is now long dead.  What would have happened if the other leaders had gone along with his vision? Whom would have East Africa benefitted?”

He went on: “Obviously, we who are here and the future generations. This myopia must be exposed. I heard some people talking of “greedy” politicians.  Greedy for what?  What material benefit do I get from being involved in Government?”

“In the last 52 years, I have either been working for no pay or for little pay.  May be those people talking mean “greedy” for sacrifice.”

Museveni said the 317 MPs, should deepen their understanding of the NRM ideology, get out of careerism and become durable soldiers for the African Revolution.

This is a good beginning for them, he observed, saying the NRM leaders should boldly and persistently mobilise the masses to get out of the poverty but to also catapult Africa out of the fragmentation and weaknesses.