2017 worst year for police, Kayihura admits  

Police chief Kayihura addressing police officers

IGP. General Kale Kayihura has directed police officers to stop the habit of shooting civilians at the flimsiest of excuses.

He was meeting 504 officers that recently completed a Basic Security Management Course at Kigo Marine Base.

He emphasized that the officer’s mindset is key in the current policing environment because it bridges the gap between the police and the public.

Kayihura hinted and warned on the unnecessary and unjustifiable civilian shootings by police officers which is normally caused by poor decision making skills in complicated situations by commanders.

However thanked the Commander Kampala Metropolitan Police CP. Frank Mwesigwa for including decision making course unit on the training syllabus.

Basic Security Management Certification Course offered at Kigo Marine Base is a special course that was set up to boost human resource capability and to shape the ideological thinking of officers in Kampala Metropolitan Area.

The course’s main target is to have all the 5030 officers deployed in Kampala attain a refresher training.

IGP also commented on the laxity while on duty that has recently seen a number of guns being stolen, officers injured and others losing lives. He reminded officers that these guns are bought using tax payer’s money and are meant to protect people not landing in the hands of criminals to terrorise the city.

2017 year being termed as a worst year for police, the top police boss assured and pledged a better 2018.

Sharing his transitional experience in the force from the rank of a private in 1983 to a rank of a General to date, he said officers need to have key canal rules of leadership, discipline which requires juniors to obey seniors and seniors to respect juniors.

He guided the commanders to build a cohesive and reliable team that has a conscious connection not mechanical connection with the public.

While addressing and empowering the new 504 force intended to occupy the divisions that make up the heart of Kampala City, Kayihura that said that this new year shall be focussed on transforming from quantity to quality service.

“We were tasked with cleaning the force which we are but we must also clean the society”, IGP. Kayihura reminded the officers.