Rwomushana: Museveni has collapsed, next destination is Luzira  

Museveni during Christmas prayers

Former Internal Security Organisation [ISO] operative Charles Rwomushana describes the passing of the age limit bill as a coup against the sovereignty of people of Uganda.

People’s sovereignty has been taken away by this scientific coup, Rwomushana said Tuesday while appearing on NBS TV “Morning Breeze” programme.

He said all MPs who voted in favour of the bill committed treason.

“It’s a question of arresting them. The act of bribery is unlawful — if you get the recording from the State House by the president, you would be shocked,” he said.

Rwomushana who worked as the Head of Political Intelligence Desk at State House said there was corruption debated in State House.

Victoria University

“The term limit is fulfilment of the demonic prophecy of the NRM and the Nakba that the first sitting should be for 50 years.”

He went on: “Mr Museveni has collapsed. They can’t correct their act. The only question is taking all of them to Luzira.”

Henry Kasacca, a student of Political participation, governance, democracy, believes the seven year-term extension came as a support for the bill to excite MPs.

“There must be some political stewards who were guiding this bill. This bill amended articles that were entrenched,” he noted.

According to Kasacca, since there is no state of emergency, there is no constitutional provision under which one can extend tenure of Parliament.

He observed that there was no objective in the bill to ensure that leaders get sufficient time to do their work.

To him, the tenure of Parliament, president and local government wasn’t an objective of the bill.

“They did something unconstitutional to extend the term of Parliament. Parliament can only extend its time for six months when there is a state of emergency.”

He added: “They amended the tenure of Parliament and have also extended their term by two years to benefit from the extension of the tenure.”