Police to hunt Kifeesi over X-mas presser as Sobi joins ISO

Kifeesi gang led by Sobi [Photo by NBS TV]

Assistant Inspector General of Police Asan Kasingye, the Chief Political Commissar for Uganda Police has promised to extend the long arm of the law and grab Kifeesi criminal gang that addressed a press conference on Christmas Eve.

Kifeesi, Kampala’s notorious gang, told press in Kisenyi slum that they would not terrorise city dwellers this festive season but would instead monitor their rival thieving gangs.

The gang was led by Paddy Sserunjoji aka Sobi, a once public nuisance from the ghetto, Kisenyi 1 parish, Kampala who has since been rehabilitated.

Sobi has been working with Police since he was released from Luzira Prison in October 2016 after serving a four year jail term for robbery.

He was stationed at Kampala Central Police Station but has since abandoned his CPS office.

Victoria University

The latest information indicates that Sobi has been recruited by the Internal Security Organisation [ISO].

Colonel Kala Bagyenda, the Director General of ISO told Uganda Radio Network that Sobi is now working with them.

“We are working with Sobi to clean the city off criminals especially the motor vehicles robbers,” Bagyenda told URN.

The press conference

At the press conference that enraged activists and city dwellers alike, Sobi said his gang under their umbrella body ‘team yo weeli” will spoil robberies and any form of crime against the people of Kampala.

He promised to rehabilitate his former colleagues so as to ensure the security of residents in slums who have been prone to security threats and robberies of their properties.

Sobi, who now has two shops at ham shopping grounds, said they need to be empowered to do peace keeping jobs.

A former convict, Sobi confessed that when one is arrested and taken to prison, their cases or evidences disappear mysteriously and they end up releasing them to the same world.

In prison, he said, different criminals locked up in the same cell, come to understand each other and plan bigger robberies and murder.

Twaha Gogolimbo, the coordinator of the team said sometime back they wanted to reform by joining hands with the police but officers proved to be the greatest thieves in town.

Anger and shock

A concerned Uganda asked Political Commissar Kasingye why criminals would “legally” hold a press conference and no one arrests them.

“It can never be legal. I am interested in seeing each one of those goons answer for the murders, mugging, robbery etc that they “confess” to have committed,” Kasingye replied.

He added: “As for now, you may think the Police never noticed. The long arm of the law will snatch them.”

Bireete Sarah, a Lawyer, Human rights activist and Director-Center for Constitutional Governance (CCG) asked: “Has @metpoliceug @PoliceUg arrested them?”

She went on: “How can a gang of criminals address a presser and leave scroll free? That can only happen under the facilitation of the police because what they said is a confession!”

Ugandans on social media said a Kifeesi criminal gang holding a press conference and promising a “crime-free” festive season, reinforced their mistrust in Uganda police.

Waliggo Martin: “So wait. These Kifeesi goons actually informed @PoliceUg before having a press conference to assure safety during Xmas holidays?? #OhUganda.”

@mercyosharon: “I’m baffled.  Kifeesi guys can actually hold a press conference to tell us they won’t cause distress by robbing us during xmas??  And we are supposed to bless them for the consideration? Where are we throwing them a thank u party again..?”

Albert Abenitwe: “Historical Xmas:this Xmas’ security was guaranteed not by @PoliceUg but by a group of notorious kifeesi group at a live press conference.”