Panamera eviction saga: Kayihura tells police not to fear Tumukunde

Kayihura passing out officers at Kigo

The Inspector General of Police, Gen Kale Kayihura, told police commanders never to be threatened and cower in the presence of Security minister, Lt Gen Henry Tumukunde.

Kayihura was speaking at Kigo marine base during the pass out of Kampala Metropolitan Police officers.

This followed a December 21 incident in which police fired bullets and teargas to disperse people at the planned eviction of businessman Andrew Desh Kananura from Panamera bar.

Police had escorted court bailiffs acting on a court order by His Worship Rwatooro Muhendo Baker, to evict Kananura’s employees and throw out his property.

Security Minister Gen Tumukunde intervened and ordered Jinja Road Police DPC Michael Musani, to immediately withdraw his officers and halt the eviction.

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Tumukunde questioned Musane why police was firing teargas hence halting the process.

“These are my instructions as the security minister. Stop this matter until we sit on the table and resolve it.”

He added: “And am saying so, if its about bringing a counterforce, we will bring it.”

Speaking in Kigo, Kayihura expressed anger and disappointment at his commander for cowering before Tumukunde.

“You see something like that. We talked about it,” he said, explaining that bailiffs are acting on behalf of the court and that police is only ensuring security so that the evictions go on smoothly.

“We should not be part of the evictions but only come to ensure law and order. For example the incident at Panamera, why didn’t you use batons and shields instead of teargas? What was the need for it (teargas)?”

Kayihura said nobody whatever their rank except the president should challenge police officers on duty and they start quaking.

“You should put yourself in the position of confidence. Nobody, whatever their rank, expect the president, should challenge you. You are the embodiment of the law. Stand your ground,” Kayihura urged his officers.