Mirundi predicts danger as military takes over institutions

Military police officers jump off their truck

Outspoken presidential advisor on media matters, Tamale Mirundi, says the military is now the only functional government institution in Uganda.

Mirundi was Tuesday recalling the military raid of parliament and camping in the chapel during the debate on the age limit bill.

“If the chapel in parliament is so important, who of the MPs has ever gotten married from there, or baptized their child from there? We should even close them (chapels),” Mirundi wondered.

“What is religion about the law? Do we have religious MPs, do their actions reflect religion? We have actually been alerted, how can you keep a chapel near non-religious people?”

Mirundi said there are no institutions that can threaten the president anymore.

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“The only institution working in Uganda is the military but you are also destroying it,” he said.

On amending the age limit, Mirundi stated: “These people didn’t just touch it, they just bit it, it has wounds all over. The wounds will haunt all of you.”

Mirundi observed that people have gone silent on the amendment of the age limit saying it is very dangerous and that whoever they land on will pay a high price.

On increasing the parliament tenure to 7 years, he stated: “How are we sure that after 7 years you will not need more years?”

Mirundi wondered what will happen to the electoral commission that benefits from organising elections now and then to pocket some quick cash.

“You think they will just sit and wait 7 years for you to vote? How about the judges who make money from election petitions? How will they survive if you take 7 years to vote?” he asked.