Besigye donates 3 cows from his Rukungiri farm

Besigye at his Rukungiri farm

Former presidential candidate, Kizza Besigye, spent Wednesday examining his cows and goats donated by Ugandans during the last presidential campaigns.

In a record gesture, Ugandans took to fundraising for Besigye’s fuel during the presidential campaigns, hoping that he would help them remove President Museveni from power.

Others would give him hard-cash and the rest would give him feedstuff or animals including cows, goats and hens.

Besigye’s aide, Ronald Muhinda, told edge the retired colonel has two farms [in Kasangati and Rukungiri] where such animals are kept.

“During campaigns, Ugandans gifted him a dozen cows and hundreds of goats all which are kept at Kasangati and Rukungiri farms. They are multiplying,” Muhinda has earlier said on social media.

He added: “Some he also gives them away to Ugandans in appreciation. Today, three cows have left the farm to other Ugandans.”

Muhinda told us the cows were given to two residents of Rukungiri district and another one to a resident of Kasese district.

“…the reason Museveni was rejected in 1980 in favour of Sam Kutesa [foreign minister under investigation for bribery] is because he didn’t even have a hen,” Muhinda said in an exchange with NRM members.

“He [Museveni] cannot claim to own cows he stole from Teso and Karamoja and other Ugandans (taxes). Ask about Besigye’s father- he carries his father’s blessings.”

But a one Tony Carter observed: “And the same people (who give away cows and goats) rant on Kampala streets how Museveni has imposed poverty over them”.

Another one called Mayanja Mayanja pointed out: “few animals….where does he put all those millions from EU [European Union]?!! Besides you didn’t go for holidays?”

Muhinda replied: “Where does your Museveni put billions from EU, World Bank, IMF, Japan, Iran, Islamic Bank, US, UK, China, etc?”