Anywar: I respect Besigye but will work with Museveni

Anywar speaks to her audience

Kitgum Municipality MP Beatrice Anywar says she is ready to work with President Museveni if called upon at any time.

In an interview with NTV, the MP justified her stand in voting for the constitutional amendment on lifting the presidential age limit.

“I am a nationalistic woman. Any leadership in place, am ready to work with them,” Anywar told NTV.

Better known as Mama Mabira, Anywar said she has respected all leaders leading the parties she served.

“And I respected all of them. I still respect Kizza Besigye because he put up a struggle,” she confessed.

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But the same MP last week raised dust when she voted in favour of the contentious Constitutional Amendment (No. 2) bill 2017.

An independent MP with no leaning to any political party, Anywar told the television that she voted “yes” for the bill because “it contained one of the proposed amendments she was interested in”.

Her constituency had given her the go-ahead to support it, Anywar defended herself, explaining that the behaviour of her colleagues in the opposition was unbecoming of legislators.

Anywar says she is willing to take up an assignment in government if the opportunity arises, to deliver better services to her people in Kitgum.

On the question of the addition of two more years for MPs to make it a 7-year term, Anywar told NTV that there are people in the opposition who support it, saying it became a win-win because term limits were restored.

One of the core opposition figures in the 8th and 9th parliaments, Anywar told the television that FDC party frustrated her.