Don’t waste our time, believers boo Ssekandi

Vice President Edward Kiwanuka Ssekandi joins Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi for Christmas Carols worship at Bulange, Mengo-Kampala December 22, 2017

Vice President Edward Ssekandi was heckled and booed by congregants at Rubaga Cathedral during his speech on Christmas day.

The VP alleged that religious leaders had guided government on age limit that made president Museveni a life president.

“We thank religious leaders for always counselling people,” he said, explaining that clerics educated the people about the age limit bill and the need to amend the 1995 Constitution.

As part of those who drafted the 1995 constitution, Ssekandi explained that the framers put in a chapter for amendment stressing that the constitution can be changed.

Angry congregants were overheard saying “you are wasting our time” as they booed the vice president and refused to listen to him anymore.

Victoria University

They started murmuring and heckling. Ssekandi was seen forcing on a smile as he tried to explain amid the din.