Bobi Wine lifts spirits of Ugandans betrayed by MPs  

Bobi Wine arriving in Masindi town

Kyadondo East singing MP Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine has tried to lift the spirits of Ugandans whose hopes were dashed by their own representatives in parliament.

The gloom, the loud silence is echoing across the country following the passing of the age limit bill that made Museveni a life president against the wishes of majority Ugandans.

Bobi Wine who stood against the bill and lost, has now embarked on an entertainment campaign to lift the sunken spirits of Ugandans through music and songs.

At the close of the week, he was received in Masindi town by a massive crowd that gave him a convoy of motorcycles and bicycles.

“As an entertainer, I literally have to make people happy even when am at my saddest point and as a Leader, I have to lift people’s spirits high even when am personally at my lowest point,” Bobi Wine said in Masindi.

“However, the love that we receive on a daily basis from different parts of Uganda is what gives us reason to soldier on,” he added.

He entertained his fans at the Victory Bijja Hotel.

Earlier, Bobi Wine received a similar welcome in Kigumba unannounced to do the show that was cancelled by Police last time.

Police concluded that only Bobi Wine–the singer–should appear on stage and leave home Robert Kyagulanyi–the politician.

“We performed at Max Hotel owned by Hon. Hellen Kahunde Max the righteous NRM Kiryandongo Woman MP who said NO to the rape of our constitution.”

“It’s not over yet,” he announced, saying on Boxing Day, he will perform at Busabala beach.