BoU lawyers thrown out, Sudhir wins case

Sudhir Ruparelia

City billionaire and businessman Sudhir Ruparelia has won a court case in which wanted lawyers MMAKS advocates and AF Mpanga advocates dropped from representing Bank of Uganda in the case of BoU vs Sudhir.

Sudhir claimed that the said lawyers knew a lot of his secrets before frog jumping to Bank of Uganda side citing a conflict of interest.

In the David Wangutsi verdict read by commercial Court registrar Lilian Bukyana on Thursday morning at the commercial division of the high Court, Court agreed with the petitioner and ruled that lawyers of both firms be dropped due to their earlier relationship with Mr Sudhir.

However, after reading, the verdict, MMAKS advocates and AF Mpanga advocates vowed to appeal against the ruling, denying having been Sudhir’s lawyers.

They said that they were Crane Bank lawyers not Sudhir’s claiming the two are different entities.

While addressing journalists at the Commercial Court, Mr. Sudhir questioned the ethical conduct of the said lawyers saying they have a conflicting character.

“I am going to write to the law society of England to which both firms are affiliated and expose them. They have been conflicting in all their life”, said tycoon Sudhir.

The developments were proceeded by dropping of the same firms last week, in the Sudhir Ruparelia talks with Bank of Uganda.