Arrest cops with guns, Kayihura warns girls of serial rapists

Kayihura addressing press on Friday

The Inspector General of Police Gen Kale Kayihura has issued an order of arrest for any police officer found moving alone in possession of a gun.

He was Friday addressing the media at police headquarters in Naguru on the general security situation of the country ahead of the festive season.

He said the Festive Season is a time of vulnerability. “So take extra care as you travel to village, in the home and in places of entertainment.”

Gen Kayihura said it is important to note that the positive trend in fighting crime has not happened by accident.

He said this has happened because policing modules are combined with the vigilance of the population.

Victoria University

He warned those staying in urban homes, going to places of worship and places of entertainment to be careful.

According to Kayihura, young girls in holidays are vulnerable to criminals who are always lurking in the dark and ready to pounce on them.

“Young girls should be extra careful. Avoid moving alone. If you are suspicious about anybody, report to the authorities,” Kayihura advised.

Promising to protect roads and neighbourhoods using the mayumba kumi system, Kayihura said Kifesi criminals are always on the loose during the festive season.