Oryem vows to crush MPs seceding to form Nile Republic

Henry Okello Oryem

The minister of International Affairs and Foreign Relations, Henry Okello Oryem, has vowed to crush legislators from northern Uganda who are propagating for the formation of the “West Nile Republic.”

The idea was first voiced by MP Ogenga Latigo while presenting his views against the age limit bill on the floor of parliament early in the week.

It was then picked up by FDC deputy president, Reagan Okumu, who said northern and West Nile have enough resources to secede from Uganda and form their own republic.

The same idea was earlier supported by Democratic Party President Norbert Mao and “disgraced” Kumi Woman MP Beatrice Anywar who is accused of stabbing opposition in the back by voting for the age limit bill.

Speaking on the floor of parliament Wednesday, Hon Oryem said the issue of secession of the north is an illusion.

Victoria University

“We are happy with the status quo, Uganda will be one country, and we should not be threatened,” said the son of General Tito Lutwa Okello (1914–1996), who served as President of Uganda between July 1985 and January 1986.

The Okello brothers [Gen Bazilio Okello and Okello Tito Lutwa] once shone and led Uganda as its leaders before being toppled by President Museveni.

According to Oryem, the people of Chwa County in Kitgum District gave him clear instructions that he comes and touches 102b, hence is representing their mandate.

But Kilak County MP Gilbert Olanya did not take Oryem’s threats seriously.

“The time is coming for us to form our own nation. This time we have a very strong reason,” Olanya said.

He added: “Museveni said in Jinja that if you tamper with the constitution he would go to the bush. This time, we are splitting the country.”

Hon Oguzu Lee Denis, Maracha County MP says the people of Maracha think they will make the right choice.

“My colleagues, we must choose whom we are going to serve. The lion has been tied, it’s upon you to untie it. This has been the most expensive regime to maintain,” he told plenary.

Hon Oguzu told the house he stood before it to represent the people of Maracha who think this Bill will entrench a life presidency on them.

“We had a president who declared himself a life president [Idi Amin Ddada] and the result was war.”

Aruu County MP Odonga Otto said Wednesday that after the bill is passed, at an appropriate time, they will ask for a referendum to decide whether to stay as part of Uganda or not and then send their ambassador to Uganda.

Rubaga North MP Moses Kasibante said as members of parliament, they are duty bound to save Uganda from going into chaos.

“Some of us who come from Buganda that the turmoil then cost Buganda about 1m lives,” he said.

He added: “The constituency I represent is home to many senior members of this society including No. 2 and this is what they sent me to say.”

Even Burundi opposition leader Minani Jérémie [CNARED party] says the Burundi crisis originated from an illegal presidential 3rd term.

“The mediator [Museveni] in that crisis has been in power more than majority of Burundians have been alive and yet he is trying to change the law to remain on power lifetime. What should we really expect from him?” Minani wondered.