Nantaba flees Uganda as youth move to impeach ‘traitorous’ Anywar

Museveni and Anywar

Parliament on Wednesday night passed the age limit bill, restored term limits for the president and extended the term of office for both the president and MPs to seven years.

In the middle of this historic turn of events, Minister Aidah Nantaba who has also served as Kayunga Woman MP was nowhere to be seen.

Nantaba who was last seen on a red ribbon rally in her district is said to have fled the country just before the debate returned to parliament.

NRM parliamentary caucus spokesperson, Margaret Muhanga, had disclosed that NGOs were bribing the ruling party legislators to stay away from the bill.

NRM even blocked several MPs from leaving the country ahead of the debate but Nantaba had already gone, according to government chief whip Ruth Nankabirwa.

Victoria University

At least 10 NRM legislators voted “No” to the lifting of the age cap for President Museveni.

Anywar betrays opposition

Kitgum Municipality Member of Parliament Beatrice Anywar surprised the country after voting ‘YES” for the 2nd reading of the age limit bill.

She was even asked whether she would vote for President Museveni in 2021, only that there won’t be elections now that his term of office will stretch to 2023.

In Kitgum, people have expressed their disappointment in Anywar after voting in favour of lifting age limit bill.

A group of youths is planning to impeach her, according to reports.

Anywar, in defence, says her YES means, she wanted the bill to move forward because it included the provision for reinstatement of Term-limits and her people had asked her to vote for it.

When NTV’s Joel Senyonyi asked her if she would vote for President Museveni again, she refused to commit.

The former Forum for Democratic Change [FDC] iron day nicknamed Maama Mabira is leaning further and further into the ruling party at a shocking rate.

She may soon join Kampala minister, Beti Kamya, a president of an opposition political party who was appointed in President Museveni’s cabinet.