Politics isn’t rugby, Ofwono raps Kivumbi on power transfer

Opondo on Capital Gang

Politics is not rugby, government spokesperson, Ofwono Opondo, sought to enlighten Butambala County MP Muwanga Kivumbi during a televised political show.

“We are in life and death business for the future of Uganda,” Opondo pointed out, citing cases of Libya, Iran and Egypt.

He told Muwanga that if he [MP] is being sponsored to bring such a situation in Uganda, the NRM government shall deal with it.

“There should be civilized discourse in Parliament. This is not a done deal and that is why we want a civil debate to conclude. It’s tough but we are going to win,” Opondo explained while appearing on NBS TV “Frontline” programme.

He said NRM infrastructure is running a full course in the available democratic space.

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He further revealed that when the debate started, Muwanga went on radio to claim that his colleagues had been given Shs800m.

“When I challenged him, he revised the figure to Shs300m and later dropped it.”

Opondo explained that nobody has said there are incapable leaders in NRM because Museveni is still capable and useful.

“You have misrepresented the president. Decision of when Museveni remains the member of NRM is within our party that we choose.”

According to Opondo, opposition should have mobilised local council where lawful decisions are made. “I’m sure some of them might not like the consequences of that situation.”

In his defence, Muwanga said the country is dealing with something serious [the constitution].

“The issue is we have a disease. There are good leaders. Norbert Mao [DP leader] can be a very good president. Anybody can be president with systems working,” Muwanga argued.

He said Museveni must learn that corporate institutions are built on systems and not on cult figures.

Muwanga reminded Museveni’s “sympathiser” Andrew Mwenda that the people of Uganda are ahead of him.

“They are speaking quietly because they are not as loud as you. They want an orderly peaceful transfer of power.”

Muwanga told Mwenda face to face that he [journalist] has been defending himself for 17 years. “You can’t be suspected unless there are things you aren’t doing some things right”.

According to Muwanga, the gift Museveni can give to Ugandans is to transfer power.