Anite: Otto will help me touch it, squeeze it, return Museveni on 2021 ballot

Minister Evelyn Anite

Yellow girl and investment minister Evelyn Anite who has been missing in action, said they are enjoying peace and stability in Northern Uganda because of President Museveni.

“I am supporting 102b not because of money but because of conviction,” she told plenary.

She suggested that even her nemesis and Aruu County MP Even Odonga Otto “will support this Bill”.

Anite said the people of Koboko told her that they cannot imagine going to the ballot in 2021 and not finding President Museveni’s name.

“Since the hesitation to lift the age limit is to block his candidature therefore, I will support the Age limit Bill. My people told me not only to touch it but squeeze article 102b out of the constitution.”

The Otto she is referring too has been criticising her to the point of cursing her and denying her West Nile citizenship.

On Tuesday, Otto was in the media criticising soldiers for camping at the Parliamentary Catholic Chapel.

“This is a ‘Catholic Jihad’, if they can kill me, in the evening I will be in heaven with Uganda Martyrs,” Otto lashed out.

He added: “You should only not forget to add me on the list of Uganda Martyrs.”

Otto said Wednesday that after the bill is passed, at an appropriate time, they will ask for a referendum to decide whether to stay as part of Uganda or not and then send their ambassador to Uganda.

What other MPs say:

Hon Bafaki: The members of the opposition are not looking at those who are willing and able to serve this country. The president is a Ugandan, and if he chooses to represent his party, he is welcome. The people of Kazo want us to touch it, and we will.

Hon Orot: (Kanyum County Kumi (NRM) when I consulted the people, they told me to come and touch art 102b.

Hon Babirye Sarah (Youth Rep Central (NRM)): I represent 25 districts. Only the youth in Kampala said we should not touch it. The rest of the districts said we should touch it.

Hon Mugeni Milly, Butaleja District Woman MP (NRM): The people of my constituency are concerned about service delivery, unemployment, and they are not worried about the amendment of 102b.

Hon Mugeni says she does not know why some people are so scared to touch 102b when the constitution allows it to be amended.

Hon Bahat: My people say the constitution has no thorns and can be touched.