Opposition is outgunned-Ofwono, Obore speak on UPDF urinating in house

Chris Obore

Plenary was scheduled to resume at 2pm to consider Constitution (Amendment) (No.2) Bill, 2017 following break over claims that UPDF soldiers were camped in Catholic/Anglican prayers places in Parliament.

Kampala Metropolitan Police Commander, CP Frank Mwesigwa, said he was not sure about soldiers camping in the chapel and urinating in it.

“I will have to inquire with the parliamentary police, but when we deploy forces, we take into consideration everyone’s welfare at parliament,” Mwesigwa said.

Government spokesperson Ofwono Opondo said the opposition is out-numbered and out-gunned hence it is ready to go to any length with “unhelpful broadside shows”.

Opondo said the opposition is simply running out of credible tricks and will now even invent ghosts in the parliamentary chambers.

“There already are ten UPDF MPs in parliament, so why would MPs ‘fear’ soldiers,” he wondered.

According to Opondo, the claim of ‘soldiers’ in the Catholic area of prayers in parliament “is most likely false but meant to be a diversionary tactic by people facing a certain defeat”.

“Now, who of those opposition MPs tested the samples in the water bottles in chaplaincy to determine that it was urine and from alleged ‘soldiers’? Really!” he wondered.

The director of communications at parliament, Chris Obore, said last week, the Speaker gave a directive that non-Parliament security be withdrawn from the precincts of Parliament.

“It would be an abuse of the authority of the Speaker, if indeed its confirmed that there were other security personnel in the precincts,” he told press.

ICT minister Frank Tumwebaze said opposition was just politicking and delaying the debate but the claim of soldiers was only a fairy tale.

“They [soldiers] were nowhere. Just politicking to divert debate that some people don’t want to progress.”