Gen Kuteesa, Ali watch cartoons on iPads to keep sleep away  

Generals Kuteesa and Ali flipped pictures and watched cartoons during the session

As the debate on the age limit bill progresses, a senior army representative and deputy prime minister have devised a trick to keep sleep away from their eyes.

Legislators argued, quarrelled and even jumped on each other’s necks but all this chaos did not disrupt deputy premier and deputy leader of government business, Gen Moses Ali and Pecos Kuteesa who represents UPDF in parliament.

The duo was picked busy on their iPads flashing pictures on and off the screens to stay awake through the session and possibly, beat the boredom.

When this didn’t work well and as sleep tried to break down their defenses, the senior UPDF Generals watched cartoons and kept themselves sober through the Tuesday plenary session.

Last week, amid hullabaloo and tension, Maj Gen Kuteesa, who was not even listening to what was going on, pulled out his iPad and started playing cards—Solitaire.

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Gen Pecos Kuteesa playing Solitaire in parliament [Daily Monitor photo]
The soldier was pictured somewhere in the middle of the game, quietly smiling and playing his heart out.

A whole UPDF General playing Solitaire on his iPad in Parliament during a plenary session on December 12, 2017, has since become a topic of social media debate.

On his left was another MP reading the House’s Rules of procedure which would require all legislators to be at their best behaviour in the chambers.

In 2014, Katerera County MP Hatwib Katoto was caught playing Solitaire during the defence committee meeting on his new iPad.