Bobi Wine: we’re at cross-roads of history, we’ll be heroes or villains

MP Bobi Wine

At this time, am trembling with indignation. I now understand why the common people have little trust in the Parliament and am worried that even the little trust Parliament had could soon be lost.

I understand why the ghetto people look at Parliament as some club of politicians who meet to fulfil their selfish ends.

How can we disregard the CLEAR VOICE OF THE PEOPLE?

It has been said that ‘there comes a time in the life of every nation when it stands at the cross-roads of history and must choose which way to go.’

If Uganda has ever been at that point, it is today. If there is a Parliament onto which history has ever bestowed upon an enormous duty, it is ours.

We are greatly favoured that we are the representatives of the people of Uganda today.

Today we have the opportunity to make or break Uganda. To put our country on a path to stability or to put it on a sure path to chaos and destruction.

To sow seeds of democracy or to water and groom seeds of dictatorship. Today we have an opportunity to permanently solve the problems which our grandparents had to endure or to make our children and grandchildren go through the same problems.

Honourable colleagues,

In 1966 an abomination happened in this very Parliament. The independence constitution was murdered by the leaders of that time. Their actions, ushered in a period of grave political instability.

When President Idi Amin came to power and abolished this very Parliament, the people of Uganda did not rise to defend this Parliament because it had become irrelevant to them. It had become some club of politicians who did not care about Uganda and its people.

They could not defend a Parliament which had raped their Constitution and destroyed a democracy which they had paid for with blood. Uganda went through untold suffering.

When the NRA captured power led by Yoweri Museveni in 1986. He declared that Africa’s problem was the leaders that over stay in power.

Our people’s hope was renewed.

Then the people of Uganda made this Constitution after many months of consultations, debates and pledged to be governed by this very Constitution which lies before us today.

Honourable members, today we are back to that place.

One man is bent on using this Parliament to manipulate the law and declare himself life president of Uganda! If he does not care about what happens to this nation when he is gone, at least let us think about it.

Colleagues, many of those who were used to remove term limits are regretting.

In a few hours we shall each turn into heroes or villains of history.

The people of Uganda are watching us. They told us very clearly not to touch the constitution.

Studies have been carried out. Polls have been conducted. Research has been undertaken. The very last study indicated that 85% have said “LEAVE OUR CONSTITUTION ALONE”.

They all know what this amendment is about and who is pushing it.

They know that this is the last chance they have to see a peaceful transfer of power from a leader to another, from a government to another and yes; FROM A GENERATION TO ANOTHER. So they are not opposed to this amendment because it is the fashionable thing to do, No!

It is because they fully understand the troubles that lie ahead of us if this parliament betrays the nation and passes this amendment.

Today our people have watched the troubles in many countries where leaders thought they would keep themselves in power forever. That is what they are trying to avoid.


Millions upon millions of young people are watching us right now, waiting to see what we will do today.

I want to warn you my friends, let us reflect on our history and do the right thing because if we do not learn from our history, there is no doubt that our country will face difficult days ahead.

But again, I know that no matter how long it takes and how difficult it will be, no matter what happens after today I am 100% sure that our people shall liberate their country. Let me call on you all to do the right thing before it is too late.

Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine is the Kyadondo East MP