Uganda’s Mondo kneels for Malawian Prophet Bushiri

Massive Prophet Mondo kneeling for Bushiri

If you were taken up by believers kneeling and kissing Prophet Elvis Mbonye’s shoes, it is because you haven’t seen Prophet Franklin Mondo kneeling for a visiting prophet, Shepherd Bushiri.

The Malawian Prophet Shepherd Bushiri was at the start of the week received in a fashion Jesus himself would frown at in his Second Coming.

Right from Entebbe airport, Bushiri was welcomed by kneeling people including his host Prophet Mondo ahead of a three-day Prophetic Crusade.

“As you are well aware, we went straight to the airport after the Friday Midweek Service and, ideally, we are really tired. However, the moment we landed we were welcomed by thousands that defied sleep just to make us feel home and this strengthened our resolve to preach the gospel,” Bushiri said on arrival.

He described Ugandans as jovial people, warm and cordial and looked forward to having a great time with them in sharing the word of God.

“I, hereby, call on Ugandans where ever you are, and I urge you not to miss this moment. We will be LIVE from Embassy of God Ministries church at Kileka Namugongo Rd, Kampala, Uganda from 18 00 hours EAT.”

Mondo shared the pictures of kneeling believers with himself on the knees and said: “It’s prophetic again. His here Maj-1…No matter what…”

Senior Prophet Shepherd Bushiri Major 1, is the founder of Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) with branches in Nairobi Kenya and Pretoria, the administrative city of South Africa.

Over 17,000 people converged for the three-day conference at Embassy of God Ministries headquarters in Kampala to get a glimpse of Major 1.