Museveni convoy gets stuck in thick togikwatako rally

People of Igara east flash V sign to the presidential convoy

President Yoweri Museveni found himself in a dilemma when his convoy got stuck in the middle of a #Togikwatako rally in Igara East constituency Bushenyi district.

President Museveni who arrived at around 4:30pm campaigned for NRM flag bearer, Andrew Martial, at two rallies, the first rally being at Nyeibingo playground in Ruhuumuro Sub County and the second rally at Bwera primary school playground in Bumbaire Sub County.

Opposition leader Kizza Besigye campaigned for the FDC flag bearer, Mrs Christine Ninsiima Bekunika, in Kyabugimbi Sub County, about 15km from where Museveni had his first rally.

Museveni’s convoy negotiating its way through a thick togikwatako crowd

As Besigye was by-passing Museveni’s Ruhumuuro rally venue, voters abandoned the president and run away to have greet the opposition figure.

In Rwentuuha, Besigye met NRM supporters who according to Muhinda flashed back his FDC V-sign as a sign of “conflicting loyalty”.

As if that was not bad enough, later in the evening, the president had to pass through Kyabugimbi Sub County where Besigye had his last rally, according to FDC chief mobiliser, Ingrid Turinawe.

The convoy in the middle of a red ribbon rally

“It’s hot here at Kyabugimbi. Museveni expected to pass here. We are campaigning for Christine Ninsiima,” Ingrid had reported.

According to Besigye, the president did indeed by-pass their rally venue only to find himself surrounded by red ribbons and bandanas as people chanted “Togikwatako” [warning him not to dare touch the constitution].

“Mr Museveni’s convoy (on campaign) in Igara East landed in a TOGIKWATAKO rally!” Besigye revealed.

He added: “He [Museveni] now saw the people’s mood first hand. Am sure his handlers will face the wrath!”

In Kyabugimbi Subcounty, Besigye said, even kids lined up all along the roads shouting Togikwatako.

Besigye campaigning in Kyabugimbi as Museveni’s convoy comes through his crowd

“The mood in country is irrepressible! Let’s get ready,” he suggested.

According to Ingrid, people dressed in red clothes, caps and ribbons lined up along the roads to tell the president their real feelings about the age limit bill.

Besigye further condemned the siege of Kampala by security forces ahead of the age limit debate saying the country is not at war.

“War-like situation on Kampala streets; Uganda Parliament besieged by heavily armed forces; DP leaders detained; all in preparation for anticipated “overthrow of Uganda’s Constitution”! If it happens, it won’t last long- most unpopular,” he tweeted using his official handle.