Voters run away from Museveni rally to greet Besigye

Besigye campaigns for Bekunika

Voters in Igara East constituency in Bushenyi district on Tuesday walked away from the President who was addressing a rally to have a chat with opposition figure, Kizza Besigye.

The incident happened in Ruhumuuro village Ruhuumuro Sub county where FDC leaders led by Party President Patrick Amuriat and Head of Mobilisation Ingrid Turinawe were canvassing support for their candidate, Christine Bekunika Ninsiima.

Besigye on Monday canvassed support for FDC candidate Bekunika in Kyeizooba Sub county and crossed to Kyabugimbi Sub county on Tuesday.

Museveni, on the other hand, campaigned for NRM party flag bearer, Andrew Martial, in Kyeizooba and Ruhuumuro Sub counties.

Babi Kahemba, an FDC youth activist, told that Besigye was plodding the same road which passed near NRM’s rally venue in Ruhumuro where the episode happened.

“It’s true, people ran up from Museveni’s rally and waved to Besigye,” Kahemba said.

Besigye’s aide, Ronald Muhinda, told that people ran away from Museveni’s rally to welcome Besigye in Igara East.

“However, a decision was made not to talk to them because it would appear to conflict with the campaign program of NRM candidate,” Muhinda explained.

He added: “Since it was the official venue for the NRM rally, Besigye could not speak to the people although they ran to him. People were left disappointed and angry.”

Earlier in Rwentuha, Besigye met NRM supporters who according to Muhinda flashed back his FDC V-sign as a sign of “conflicting loyalty”.

Later in the evening, Besigye campaigned for Bekunika in Kyabugimbi sub county. They were received in Nyakabanga, Karyango, Ruhumuro and Kajunju villages.