This is end of Museveni era, Mao opens red week protests

Mao addressing press in Kampala on Tuesday [NTV photo]

Democratic Party President General Norbert Mao has Tuesday officially launched the “Red Week” at the Democratic Party headquarters in Kampala.

Addressing a press conference ahead of age limit report presentation in Parliament today, Mao said President Museveni has managed to use people’s differences as a political tool.

“We call upon the speaker to stick to her earlier word n have comprehensive constitutional amendments in an inclusive manner,” he warned Rebecca Kadaga against the tight security at parliament.

Mao says opposition will reach out to students in various institutions of higher learning asking them to print flyers and brochures in the mass protests against the age limit bill.

Mao came before the press dressed in a black jacket, red tie, red ribbon and red trouser.

“Uganda is bigger than the Luweero bush league,” Mao said last week while appearing on the NBS “frontline” programme.

He said it is not Museveni’s job to make life easy for opposition. “In a debate, what comes from your mouth is what is on your mind. If your mind is junk, it’s what will come out of your mouth.”

Mao said the opposition who want Museveni out have chosen that their power is of the powerless citing a crisis in NRM.

“It’s the ruling party and it therefore affects the whole country. Everybody is talking as if this is a done deal + Museveni will get what he wants and we must quietly submit.”

Mao said there is a bill in Parliament but the arena outside parliament will partly be controlled by politicians.

“Young people depend on imaginations. We know our cause is right. Museveni is the chief demagogue. The demagoguery is always short lived.”

Mao urged Ugandans to stand firm against Museveni’s “despotic ambitions” by choosing to struggle on.

“This is the beginning of the end of the Museveni regime. Andrew Mwenda represents a section of people that worries what a post-Museveni era will look like.”

Mao believes very strongly that nobody will eat 102 or pay their school but they know Museveni’s stay power is putting a blockade and is showing a bad governance system.

“We might not be knowing what we want but surely know what we don’t want. We don’t want this government, we don’t want Museveni and we don’t want this amendment!”