Red week: Museveni herds his cows, sips fresh milk

Museveni herding his cows

President Yoweri Museveni spent the last two days at his farm in Kisozi, Gomba District, grazing and inspect the well-being of his cows.

“I want Ugandans to know that you can keep indigenous breed of cattle and still have high milk yield and good quality animals,” the president said.

He noted that some people concentrate on the physical look of cows, their colour, the shape of horns etc.

“I believe we should first concentrate on milk yield and beauty thereafter. Not-so-beautiful cows can still produce more milk than those with good colours.”

On Kisozi farm, each cow on average produces about 25 litres of milk daily and the president is working to improve this yield.

He said this indigenous breed is much more resistant to diseases than the Friesians and less costly to rear. It has high quality beef compared to Friesian breed.

“One of these herds is called Ebicura II. The oldest cows in my farm. These cows live up to over 20 years and can have about 14 times of calving.”

“As Africans, we should embrace who we are and cease having low esteem, which drives us to desire everything foreign/Western,” the president added.