Red top sieges Kampala as men-in-black takeover parliament

Military police at City Square

Security is water-tight at parliament as the house debates the presidential age limit bill report compiled by the Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Committee last week.

Parliament police has been reinforced by men-in-black from the counterterrorism unit who deployed at the legislative house on Monday.

“Men in Black” is a 1997 American science fiction action comedy about a police officer who joins a secret organisation that polices and monitors extra-terrestrial interactions on Earth.

In Uganda, the tense situation is not caused by aliens but a desire by the ruling government to abrogate the constitution and make President Museveni a president for life.

The security within and outside the parliamentary building has been tightened by security personnel including the Police Presidential Guard (PPG), elite police officers who guard VIPs, plain clothes security people, counter-terrorism police, the regular police officers, military police and Special Forces Command [SFC] soldiers.

Snipers took positions at the roof of parliament while police embarked on a thorough check of MPs and visitors trying to access the house.

There is no sign of a red-ribbon campaign protest outside Parliament as promised by members of the opposition.

At the Constitutional Square, over 30 military police officers pitched camp declaring the spot a no -go zone for civilians.

Police patrols were spotted at Kisasi and Naalya while police vans plodded the Namboole road to ensure security.

At the Central Police Station in Kampala, police patrol pickups are ready to swing into action in case of any disturbance.

The Inspector General of Police General Kale Kayihura and the Chief of Defence Forces General David Muhoozi were at parliament on Monday to meet the Speaker Rebecca Kadaga and finalise deployment plans.

Kayihura claims security got intelligence information indicating that there are plots to cause chaos at Parliament and burn petrol stations during “Red Week” protests.

Frank Mwesigwa, the Kampala Metropolitan Police Commander, was in the precincts of Parliament ready to command the operation similar to that of September where 25 MPs were hauled out of the house by SFC soldiers for breaching Parliamentary rules of Procedure.