MP Muhanga: NGOs bribing us with plane tickets


Burahya County MP Margaret Muhanga says non-governmental organisations bribed the ruling National Resistance Movement [NRM] MPs with tickets to fly out of the country.

Muhanga made the revelation on NBS TV “morning breeze” ahead of the party parliamentary caucus on Tuesday.

“We always have caucus meetings. We can even have two caucus meetings in a week. We have a lot of issues to discuss. These people are liars and they should know that this is not a do or die matter,” Muhanga also the caucus spokesperson, defended the meeting.

She said the likes of Muwanga Kivumbi [Butambala County MP] are the real disaster in the country because they are degrading and belittling NRM MPs to political criminals and traders.

“They are not talking about other articles we are amending but they are focusing on only one, article 102b.”

She said amending the article doesn’t make Museveni an automatic president because 2021 elections are coming and people will decide who to vote for.

“Every day you are shifting your goal posts to the next level,” she attacked Kivumbi who was present on the show.

“Now that we are nearing the bill voting, you are coming up with funny polls. Such polls were used against Trump [American president] but he still won.”

Muhanga said NGOs are giving tickets to NRM MPs to fly away and not to vote on age limit bill. She did not name specific organisations.

“They [MPs] are not going anywhere.”

She rejected talk by Kivumbi saying NRM MPs bagged about Shs200m for supporting the presidential age limit bill.

“Whatever Muwanga is saying is pure blackmail and that’s what they are good at,” she lashed out.

“No NRM MPs has received money from the president. I was in the Caucus.”