Magyezi: I expect a yes vote from opposition

Raphael Magyezi

Igara West MP Raphael Magyezi asks members of the opposition in parliament to say yes to his presidential age limit bill.

“I expect a yes from all of them [NRM MPs] and also opposition MPs,” Magyezi told press outside parliament on Tuesday ahead of the age limit bill debate.

Magyezi said the report that claims that 85% of his voters oppose his proposed bill is total rubbish.

He said the people who carried out the poll in Igara West are #Togikwatako agents. “Their poll is biased”.

“I have been given very many nicknames including ‘Masilu & Madoma’ but I think that’s what it takes. People even abuse the president,” he said.

The legislator noted that the most important thing today is that his party members will not disappoint him.

“I need a ‘yes’ from every member of NRM. If they don’t, I will be disappointed. It will be my biggest disappointment in Parliament.”

Hon. Barnabas Tinkasimiire said since the long awaited day is here, without hiding themselves, the rebel MPs will not betray Ugandans.

Hon Medard Ssegona noted that for the first time President Museveni feared to go to the countryside where he claims to have a lot of support.

“He feared to talk about the proposed bill then much later came out and claimed the mad woman’s pregnancy,” Ssegona said.