Kadaga under siege of army men, NRM traitors-Kivumbi

Kadaga prays for deliverance

Butambala County MP Muwanga Kivumbi says the Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga, is under siege by the military and the ruling party “fraudsters” who want to pass the age limit bill.

“Yesterday I saw IGP, CDF and head of ISO meeting with the Speaker,” Kivumbi said in reference to a meeting between Kadaga, Police chief Kale Kayihura, Internal Security Organisation boss, Col Frank Kaka Bagyenda and UPDF Chief of Defence Forces [CDF] Gen David Muhoozi.

“Why have generals meet with the Speaker ahead of bill tabling? We have a defence minister, where was he?” Kivumbi wondered.

He added: “I shudder a leadership which engages a legislature in this kind of transaction. It’s now a military operation, generals are besieging the Speaker’s office.”

The legislator said the country is now dealing “with political fraudsters and criminals”, adding that NRM MPs supporting lifting of age limit are the biggest betrayal in Uganda.

He said a constitution must endure and has a spirit. “The spirit of the law was that we needed a periodic peaceful transfer of power”.

According to Kivumbi, the NRM MPs supporting age limit are transacting the trust of the people since 95% of Ugandans don’t support the lifting of age limit.

He described Chris Obore, the director of communication at parliament, as a spin doctor for political fraudsters and criminals instead of serving as Parliament’s Communication Officer.

MPs for once ought to represent their constituencies. People may not know how big this is, Kivumbi urged, saying Uganda will be joining a league of nations where power is peacefully transferred.

“The whole thing is a fraud and we are not going to sanitise fraud.”