Kadaga kicks military out of parliament, bans red hats

MPs fighting in September

The Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga, has ordered all other security organs deployment at parliament to vacate the premises immediately.

Kadaga gave the order just as she was opening plenary sitting on Tuesday which she is chairing ahead of the debate on the presidential age limit bill.

“All other security organs, if you are in Parliament, I ask that you vacate the institution,” Kadaga directed.

Kadaga then asked the sergeant at arms seal off the link between the President’s office and Parliament so no one accesses the house from there.

She ordered that all Police officers at Parliament wear name tags and a list of their names be submitted to the office of the Speaker.

“It is our duty to respect our rules of procedure which govern the members of Parliament, a member shall dress appropriately, a member shouldn’t move around when the house is in session, members should not use offensive words, carry firearms or cameras,” she told MPs.

She added: “We cannot all have the same views, our rules of procedure require that you listen to each other.”

Speaker Kadaga further ordered that all Members of Parliament wearing hats must remove them immediately since they are not part of the Parliament’s dress code.

Parliament police had been reinforced by men-in-black from the counterterrorism unit who deployed at the legislative house on Monday.

The security within and outside the parliamentary building was also tightened by security personnel including the Police Presidential Guard (PPG), elite police officers who guard VIPs, plain clothes security people, counter-terrorism police, the regular police officers, military police and Special Forces Command [SFC] soldiers.

Speaker Kadaga asked all security agencies to vacate the house so parliament police can do its work.