Besigye: we can even remove Museveni before X-mas

Besigye campaigns in Igara East

Former presidential candidate, Kizza Besigye, spent Monday in Igara East constituency in Bushenyi district canvassing support for the FDC candidate, Christine Bekunika Ninsiima.

She is contesting as MP for Igara East against NRM’s Andrew Martial and a string of independent candidates.

Addressing a rally at Kabuba trading centre in Kyeizoba Sub-County and Rwentuha town council, Dr Besigye said Igara East County should vote for the FDC candidate because they deserve better than people who will rubber-stamp unwarranted positions while in parliament.

He said it is only FDC candidates who are in position to understand the challenges the population are going through and at the same time, have the key to unlock those deeply engraved problems.

Flanked by Party President Pateick Oboi Amuriat, Party National mobiliser Ingrid Turinawe and Bushenyi district FDC chairman, Paul Kahiigi, Dr. Besigye said 31 years of the ruling party have seen the people relegated to poverty, enduring bad roads and poor services in hospitals and schools.

At Rwentuha town council, Besigye said that together with the people of Uganda they are capable of removing President Museveni and his government before this year’s Christmas without even using guns but by defiance.

Besigye rallied people for by-election and emphasised the defence of the Constitution. The opposition figure says he got a “great response” from the people because they are ready to defend the constitution.

“The time for change is here. Whether they amend the constitution or not, if Ugandans are saying ‘don’t amend the constitution’, then don’t amend the constitution,” Besigye said.

FDC party president Patrick Amuriat who accompanied Besigye said if they [NRM] amend it in favour of President Museveni without respecting the voices of the people, then it’s the same people who are going to rise up against the same law.

“This is just the beginning; anybody who thinks will just change the constitution, Ugandans will keep struggling,” Amuriat said.

Appearing on a local television recently, senior journalist Andrew Mwenda said the reason opposition is failing is because they don’t have masses of the people.

“The idea of blaming external forces will not bring you any fruits. If the opposition need people like us to support them, they need to change attitude,” Mwenda said while appearing on the NBS “Frontline” programme.

He defended himself against Kyadondo East MP Robert Kaygulanyi for supporting President Museveni.

“I don’t support Museveni. If they (opposition) were given an army and power, they would make Museveni’s repression look like chicken party. They would make Museveni look like a baby dictator.”

Mwenda said the only weapon opposition has is to insult on social media. “If they were given a state with an army and police, they would make Museveni’s dictatorship look like chicken feed.”

According to Mwenda, Museveni believes he is the only one who can lead, Besigye believes he is the only one who can lead, Kyagulanyi believes he is the only one who can think and Mwenda thinks he is the only smartest man in the world.


Besigye and FDC candidate campaign in Igara East